Parabolan is a powerful anabolic steroid. A relatively young drug on the sports pharmacology market, but in recent years it has proven itself as an effective tool for quickly gaining muscle mass. Parabolan is produced in the form of injections, the chemical composition includes the active ingredient – trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcardonate.

With the correct formulation of dosages, there are practically no adverse reactions. Parabolan Balkan does not aromatize. The Parabolan course is recommended for professional athletes. Due to its pronounced anabolic qualities and moderate androgenic effects, the drug is used in sports disciplines: powerlifting, heavy martial arts, bodybuilding and martial arts, where an important criterion is good physical fitness to achieve excellent results. Before the competition, athletes combine it with other drugs that do not accumulate water in the body: Stanazol, Masteron, Boldenone, Primobolan. The combination of a low-calorie diet, intensive training, fat-burning drugs and Parabolan Balkan helps to achieve beautiful relief and a qualitative increase in muscle mass.

What properties are inherent in this steroid

What properties are inherent in this steroid

Parabolan from balkan pharm is recommended to buy by experts due to its positive properties:

  • increase in strength indicators and endurance of an athlete;
  • does not destroy the liver;
  • high-quality and fast set of muscles;
  • there is no “rollback” phenomenon;
  • does not accumulate water in the body;
  • there is no feeling of overstrain in the muscles after training and exertion;
  • increases the production of insulin-like growth factor;
  • has a fat burning effect;
  • increases libido during the course.

Parabolan in combination with a protein diet allows you to burn subcutaneous fat and achieve muscle hardness. The ester of this steroid drug gradually penetrates into the blood and the structure of muscle tissues. For the passage of one course, you can expect a weight gain of up to 10 kilograms.

Are there side effects from taking this drug?

Side effects

Undesirable side reactions that may arise from the action of the drug include: inhibition of one’s own testosterone, increased aggression and irritability. Due to the lack of aromatization, there is no risk of developing gynecomastia. Due to the lack of conversion to dihydrotestosterone, there is no undesirable phenomenon such as hair loss or excessive hair growth, acne. Exceeding dosages can lead to a decrease in libido or to a weak erection. During the course, urine changes its usual color to red, this is a normal reaction and does not indicate a kidney disorder. This phenomenon has an explanation – the withdrawal of metabolics.

At the end of the course, it is necessary to undergo a restorative PCT, which should include Clomid. The use of Tamoxifen is not desirable, there is a risk of aggravating unwanted side reactions on the body. Parabolan Balkan is active in the body for 10 days after the last injection. PCT is recommended to start no earlier than this period.

Parabolan Balkan reviews left by experienced athletes confirm the rationality of the course. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the correct dosage and not delay the duration of use.